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In this episode, Daeu shares with you her painting, Stepping Into The Future. Plus she talks about moving art through time and divulges intimate details on why the story of this painting makes her cry, every time.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Moving art across time
01:45 The origin story
02:35 The dream
05:56 The emotions
06:46 The creation
07:35 The destruction
08:35 The debate
09:05 Stepping Into The Future (acrylic)
10:13 Staying congruent
11:05 Symbolism & the repair
12:20 Movement, perspective, and nod to the past
13:40 How I knew it was done
14:45 Conclusion


Daeu Angert is an American visual artist exploring the intersection of art and thought leadership through abstract art. She is the founder of daeuArt Gallery and the founder and executive producer of daeuArt Channel, a premier art channel,  coming soon to Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Daeu hosts I Paint Ideas podcast and Inside The Studio tv show.

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