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In this episode, Daeu reveals the details behind her painting, If I Was A Wave, a self-portrait take on thinking about herself as a quantum object.

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Show notes

00:00 Introduction
00:00 Daeu & Self-Portraits
00:00 The Diary Collection
00:00 Not At All Realistic But Far More Telling
00:00 If I Was A Wave
00:00 Are You A Wave Or A Particle?
00:00 Invite To CERN
00:00 Conclusion


Daeu Angert is an American visual artist exploring the intersection of art and thought leadership through abstract art. She is the founder of daeuArt Gallery and the founder and executive producer of daeuArt Channel, a premier art channel,  coming soon to Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Daeu hosts I Paint Ideas podcast and Inside The Studio tv show.

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